Thursday, October 13, 2011

2 weeks

At two weeks post Caesar I am still quite sore....I was fine with my other two at this point. Maybe it's cause I'm in my 30's now, or maybe its cause I have 2 older ones to take care of (and clean up after)...but I'm hoping I heal a bit faster than I am currently.

At two weeks Jude sleeps and eats really well. He wakes up usually just once in the night for a feed if I give him a "dream feed" at 10pm, he'll wake at 2am, and then sleep again till 6 or 7am. This is totally do-able. Especially if I can make up that hour of sleep in the day, that is if my kids all nap at the same time.
I just love his little handies
His eyes seem like they might go blue, which is always a shocker to Clint and I that we might have 3 blue eyed kids since Clint's eyes are SO SO dark brown.
So far Jude is a super content little guy unless he's naked. He really really doesn't like his diaper being changed. I also took him for some newborn photos with my friend Hayley (hopefully I'll get those back soon!) And I wanted those super cute "sleepy newborn" shots where they are like lying in a basket or in a wagon all curled up naked. NOT HAPPENING with Jude. As soon as the clothes come off he cries, and wees. So...I had to apologize for my son weeing all over my friends studio and crying the whole time. I caught some today of him just lying on our bed. With clothes on of course.

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Mommy Roth said...

He's precious! What a great schedule for 2 weeks! You take great frameable pictures too, your a pro!