Monday, August 08, 2011

Berg part 2 (finally!)

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted! Sorry! Anyways, this finshes up our time together in the berg, life in the minstry can be super busy, so it was SO nice for the kids and I to have a week with Clint with no sermons or counseling or anything! Clint calls it "unplugged Clint" and we loved every minute of it.

A couple in our church the Donkins came up to the cabin to visit for a few nights too. It was so fun having great fellowship with them!

Silly kiddos

And awesome views!

Noah and daddy had good bonding time playing lots of harmonica. Noah often says he's praising God with his harmonica, and asks Clint to play "then sings my soul" (How great thou art) and they'll play together.

And our kids were schooled in the art of making the perfect paper airplane

One day we ventured out and had waffles at the "Waffle house" where they make savoury waffles (we had chicken) and sweet (we had bar one chocolate and ice cream). They were so good I forgot to take a pic of them! But here's one of us at the restaurant :)

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