Thursday, August 25, 2011

For my dad...

My dad sent presents for the kids in the mail, so I thought I'd post some pics for him to see.....

They opened the box right outside the post office, they were too excited!
When Autumn opened her doll she said "oh wow it's TANGLED!" She knew exactly who it was. When she got home she quickly found her purple little dolly blanket that matches the dress (also purple) and put her to sleep in the purple blanket. She spends the whole day brushing her hair.

Noah loves playing with his train from Granny in SA, and Grandpa in in America got him lots of tracks to go with it.
Now Noah builds all these bridges and fun things for the train to go on.
Autumn's baby obsession is (sadly) gone....I really can't believe this. She way prefers her dollies now and plays the whole day with "Tangled" and Ariel and her Barbie.
Noah will spend a few hours playing with his trains, he likes getting the track just perfect, and will sometimes build giant towers out of lego and call his city "Dubai" (very aptly!)
It's so fun having such a "boy" and such a "girl" and to see the differences between them!

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