Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Drakensberg pt 1

Someone in our church was kind enough to lend us their cabin in the mountains for a week! It was a school holiday weekend so they had tons of stuff at the local hotel (that the cabin had access to) for the kids to do! They had a little train.....

Which Noah said looked rather sad (and it did!)
Noah and Autumn tried their first shot at Teatherball. Noah is definitely left handed as we discovered with this game.
Autumn loved trying to hit it too
Every night the kids would roast marshmallows on the fire...a new favorite tradition

They loved going on the boats on the little lake
And they had a jumping castle. Whenever there is one of these at a fair or a birthday party my kids practically cry looking at it...it petrifies them. BUT we tried it this time with no other kids, and they discovered it's not scary to fall in one of these things, it's actually the funnest thing ever :)
Pretty soon they were TRYING to make each other fall, and were cracking up

Then daddy would tackle them and push them down

They had a huge volleyball court with tons of sand toys, the kids played in it for hours :)

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