Monday, June 27, 2011

Noah Reading

Noah has this great desire to learn how to read. This video was taken about a month or two ago. A lady in our church gave me a bunch of K-grade 1 readers. We've been working on basic phonics for a while, so he seemed ready for the readers, and off he went! Now whenever we are out he'll try and read restaurant names and anything he can see. AND I'm learning phonics too (like why the y makes so many different sounds etc.) There's nothing cooler than teaching your child how to read and seeing him do it on his own! His first word he read was "Ants" (we were working on A says "a" and he just read the word...I was so excited! So it's been a fun challenge for me everyday to come up with little activities to practice, I think I need a curriculum now.


Heather said...

Go Noah!!!!

Buckland said...

It is so wonderful to watch our children learn. :-)
Curriculum wise my first suggestion is always "Reading Reflex". By far the best approach I have ever seen. Especially when you realize (as adults) we do exactly what they are teaching when we get to words that we have never read before - no matter how we were taught to read.

Elizabeth said...

That is really special. I watched it over and over! how amazing is it to see him thinking through it and figuring it out!! clever boy!!!