Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Autumn Pa-tautum

One of her many nicknames. After church on Sun she LOVES to go on the jungle gym and says "watch me!" and she'll go all by herself down the very big slide. She's very brave.

She loves Sunday School and doesn't cry anymore when I leave her. She's gotten to know all the teachers and kids names by heart. She'll often be heard singing "Jesus loves me" and "I life my eyes up to the mountains." Yesterday she came to me saying "the big bad wolf, huff, puff, BLOW your house AWAY, the pigs said "NO!" I'd never read the story to her, but she was re-telling what "Aunty Sam" had read to her during fun story time at Nursery. She would puff and huff with all her might!
I recently sent the kids outside for some playtime so I could clean my kitchen, and I could hear Autumn TALKING away at her baby. I went outside to see what she was doing, and she'd turned her little house into a tent and was chatting away....then she discovered I was there and tried to turn it into a game of hide and seek....

And told me you must rock the baby "just like this ok?, you must hold her, and rock her so she goes to sleep. It's not wake time, it's sleepy time ok?"
She'd do BIG BIG rocks as you can see by the blurry baby. She calls this one "hosbibible baby" (hospital baby) cause it has a newborn tag on it. I love the way she says it cause her tongue goes in and out with all the "bibible's" in the word, I've tried getting it on video but to no avail. I think it might be her favorite and all the other babies have been neglected lately.

Then the other day she asked me to put "chords" in her hair. I had to figure out what she meant...but she was too excited when I put braids in. When I ask her to look at the camera now this is the face I always get.

I almost cried cause she looked like a little kindergartener!

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