Thursday, June 17, 2010


Wintertime in Durban tends to sneak up on me. May is absolutely beautiful with warm sun and clear skies, and then one day it hits in June, and the air has this bone chilling waft that seems to enter into your inner being. In LA you have the "warning" signs of Thanksgiving and Christmas music lulling you into the cold. But here its suddenly upon you with seemingly no warning.
This is the first year I haven't felt this overwhelming sense that the seasons are "backwards." There are no thoughts of BBQ's in summer and beach trips this time of year. Since no one has central heating here, the warmth can be found in most houses from hot baths, electric hot blankets, hot coffee, and small oil heaters. I love it, its quite cozy. My mornings are usually spent reading with my kids under a warm blanket for about an hour, sipping hot coffee. They sit there happily knowing that its the warmest place to be. Tobi finds her warmth from our little red blanket.
This winter I'm going to save the seeds from our little vine so that it can cover our whole fence.

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John and Daisy said...

Hey Kim-Kim,
I LOVE your blog. I actually just bought that book that you posted with the story and simple craft. So great! Can't wait to get it in the mail. I stop by and read it often but I don't always say hi, so hi! It's so wonderful to have a sister in Christ, in love with her hubby and serving her family! Blessed to know you. Have a cozy winter, I know it's your favorite time of year. When I think of Kim Archer I think of fall. Blessings, Daisy