Sunday, June 06, 2010

One Brave Boy! (And one super cute little girl)

Ever have one of those days that you've got a smile on your face the whole time? That was this Saturday! Winter is the season for schools in the Hillcrest area to have fairs, since its dry and warm in Durbs just before the chill of winter sets in. We went to the biggest fair (at Noah's possible future school, Hillcrest Christian Academy) and Noah was SO SO brave. I couldn't believe my own eyes. Last year he didn't even want to go in the jumping castle or on the rides meant for one year olds. And this year, he wanted to do EVERYTHING! He's normally quite cautious, so it was fun to see him come out of his shell.

First of all, he's been asking me for the last month if he could please please ride on a tractor. I had no idea how I could even make this happen, and he asks me every single day.
Well, they had quad bikes at the fair, and he thought it was a tractor, so there you go! Most moms with kids Noah's age would ride on the big "tractor" with their kid, but Noah was super brave and wanted to ride on the little one "all by myself".
Then he saw this monstorous slide, and just had to slide down it. Wow. So here's the littlest boy in the world on the world's biggest slide!

Then there was the little train that last year he cried at the thought of, but this year he wanted to go twice, and said "wow mom that was so so much fun!"
We met up with his friend Keenan (and I had fun with Keenan's mommy Mindie), and they rode together.
Then Autumn saw the little airplanes that went round and round, and well, she smiled the whole time.
They played a little kid version of "hakuna matata" and she'd dance and dance while going around.

The joy on her face was pretty priceless.

Then on the way to the car Noah begged me to ride the "tractor" again! So here we go!

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Melissa said...

so cute! your kids are just adorable!!