Thursday, June 03, 2010

The fair

For the last week all of us had a bad case of the stomach flu since we came back from Pretoria, which has lead to a LOT of laundry, and many grateful thanksgivings for the fact that we have wood floors and not carpet (how to people have kids and carpet? I still don't see how this would work). Anyway, Noah's beloved giraffe (who's name is Giraffe, in case you wanted to know) has always been in dire need of a good bath. After Giraffe took a brunt of Noah's stomach flu one morning, he decided it was a good idea to give Mr. Giraffe a bath...he looked so cute on the line with all my other laundry....
To start my little catch up since the stomach flu, a few weeks ago we went to our church's preschool fair. It was such a fun day for the kids, and we had lots of fun too...Noah's first request was for ice cream, since every other kid was licking a cone on an Indian Summer day. It was the best ice cream I've had in SA. Ice cream at the grocery store is REALLY milky...but this one was more like I'm used to, super flavor intense. Yum.
Then we went fishing for prizes, Noah loved this and did it twice. He got some toy dinosaurs and a yo yo. He was really good at it.

We had a fun family date and had some tea and cake
Autumn won a prize of some jewelry which she loved. She now puts them on her babies and walks around the house looking like Mr. T.
She also tried fishing after Noah was done, but just liked the sound of the crinkling paper the best :)


Melissa said...

i have carpet and times :)

Victoria said...

It helps to have dark carpet (not white) and lots of carpet cleaner on hand ;).