Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baptism Service

I just love Baptism services at our church. After the morning service today 2 people gave their testimonies and got baptized, its just so awesome to hear how God calls different people into His kingdom.

Align CenterListening to Taz's testimony
Richard's Baptism
And Taz's. Sorry these photos aren't great but I had Noah on my hip saying "Taz go under da water mommy?"

Before Evening Service Clint goes to prayer meeting at 5:45, so I go outside on the playground at church and play with the kids for 45 minutes before the evening service at 6:30. I love this time with them, they really have so much fun with each other.
Noah climbing up the ladder to the slide
Autumn soon got the hang of what to do and would climb up to the top with no fear. Noah would never do this at this age, she's quite the brave one...
She'd climb all the way to the top and try and slide down head first if I didn't stop her :)
That night we played "train slide" which Noah loves, where Autumn sits ahead of me and he grabs on and sits behind me and we go down like a train down the slide. I had to pry him away go to church that night, he kept asking for more train slides!
We moved the cry room out of the church to seat more people, so now we've got video feed of the service in a classroom which I watch with my kiddos. It's actually great and I can pay attention way more for some reason, and where the cry room used to be in the service is already filled with people (crazy!) There have been alot of returning visitors to our church lately, which is so exciting because we as a church have been praying for revival in Hillcrest for the last 6 months or so, and the Lord is starting to answer! We can't wait for our new church building in a few years time!

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