Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My kids love to hang out in our driveway. I don't what it is with kids and driveways, but we often wait for Clint to come home in the afternoon on the driveway. We have our snacks, and play with Spurg and the kids just have SO SO MUCH FUN. I can't describe how fun it is for them.
Reading books
The only shot of them both looking my way :)
Silly smile on his bike

I love this look she's giving him. Later on he bumped his head on something and she came and patted him on the back and gave him a hug and a real kiss, smacked her lips and everything. She really loves him alot.
Eating their snack

Playing what we call "chase you hug you" which is basically tag.
Making sure I'm still there
Laughing at her brother riding up and down
Noah plays this game where he'll hold on to Spurg's tail and try not to let go

Playing fetch

Yay daddy came home!


4HMom said...

Oh, Kim, that photo of Autumn's darling glance at her brother is an all-time favorite for me! They are so precious and cute together!

Emily Ban said...

I loooooooove her hair! So cute! Sadly, I do not think Emma Jean will he getting daddy's curls *sniff* I was hoping, maybe even praying about it... ;)

Isn't it so sweet to watch siblings love eachother!

Julie said...

J'adore votre blog que je suis depuis quelques mois maintenant. Vos enfants sont splendides. Félicitations. J'espère que vous parlez français car mon anglais est très très apprroximatif !