Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hillcrest Baptist

So I haven't blogged about our church in a while, and I think its because I totally forget to take pictures, and then just don't blog about it. But some exciting things have been going on in the life of our church! Our church on Sun mornings has been max capacity for the last month or so, AND a property down the road from us has offered to swap their land (which is less valuable) with our land (which is way more valuable) and build us a bigger church (500 seater), new preschool, and church offices/kitchen etc. for no cost! Our land is way more valuable cause it has an entrance off the main road and is the center of Hillcrest, and the difference in price will build us a brand new church! This is so so great cause HBC at the moment has no more room for parking, the roof is leaking, the kitchen is too small, and well, we are at max capacity. They are actually going to tear down the cry room (yikes for me and all the moms) to make more seating room in the church. So in about 2-3 years time, we will be sitting in a brand new church building, very exciting.

And here are some photos of the two ministries I'm involved in at HBC. Cornerstone Young Adults meets in our house, and Clint's been teaching through Biblical masculinity and femininity the last month or so, which has been SO well received and lead to lots of cool discussions about what the Bible has to say about being manly and feminine :)

Cornerstone's faces have changed alot over the last few years, so its fun to get to know some new people that the Lord has brought in our home every week.Then with the church growing there's been a need for a Mom's and Tots group which we started last year. We are going through the book "Don't Let Me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman which talks about how to Biblically reproove your children. Its been such a joy to get to know the moms, and Noah's loved playing with the kids. This last one we did a craft as well for the kids, and Tarryn read about Daniel and the lions to them.
Each kid made a lion face to go along with learning how Daniel prayed even though the "Bad king" told everyone to stop praying!

I tried to get a photo of Noah in his lion face but he kept saying "its so so itchy mommy, no tank you" so......one kid didn't like the craft! But I got a shot of Morgan, this little girl's mommy was recently diagnosed with tyroid cancer, and after several months of treatment and prayer is now completely cured! So we are so thankful to the Lord for sparing her!

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