Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Our church gets together to play soccer every Wed and today I took the kids to watch. I brought Noah's ball with and he played on the steps with some of the young adults. This was his face pretty much the whole time, he just loved it!
Autumn made friends with a girl named Praise (cool name huh?) They both played with keys for about an hour
A lady was there facepainting and she offered to paint Noah's face. She had a bunch of pictures and Noah chose the pirate.
Me and my pesky pirate, I love the beard!
Noah LOVES Taz, he played with her the whole afternoon, and at our house right until bedtime. He thanked God for Taz in his night prayer, so cute!
Autumn got a little heart
She was oblivious to its cuteness, but was all smiles anyway.
We didn't play much soccer, but we had a great time of fellowship!

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