Tuesday, January 19, 2010

11 Months

Autumn is 11 months today, just one more month till she's one! I'm treasuring these last few months of babyhood, they are just getting better. Here's her 11 month photo shoot, I had alot of fun with this one on our front stoop.

At 11 months Autumn's "girlyness" is coming through. She loves shoes, smiling and kissing her dolls, she plays with my skirts, and says "hi" to anyone who passes by. She loves her peek-aboo book and animal touch books. I thank the Lord for her little life in mine, she is the cause of much joy and sanctification in my life!

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Mommy Roth said...

So cute! Remember when Noah was little and I couldn't get enough of him on your blog...she's the same! So much cuteness in your family!