Thursday, January 14, 2010

Busy week

So on one of my last posts I said I was going to post a photo for Clint every day that he was gone, and well, as you can see, that didn't happen! To all those moms out there whose husbands come home after the kids are in bed, or are raising them by themselves, I raise my hat to you. It's been a busy week. I'm used to Clint playing with the kids outside while I make dinner, and this week I had two hungry crying children alot at around 6pm, so I had to learn to make dinner at like 4 to avoid this at all costs. I got through the week with much prayer for me to be patient and gracious when the 6o'clock crazies hit!

The church has been so great and I've been out every day this week that Clint has been gone with different people. I've learned alot too that I CAN take both kids to the mall by myself, to the beach by myself etc. It's alot of work, but way worth it, cause the smiles on their faces are just priceless. So here's a few photos from this week:

Liz came by for one final hangout before she went to Australia with little Emma and Lyle. Noah has been asking all week wheres "Liz and Lygle and Emma?" cause they made regular appearances at our house while they were here. It was sad to have Autumn's "twin" go!

My husband organized flowers to be delivered to me on my birthday, they are so pretty! I love how he never gets plain roses, its always unique.

Kerry organized a birthday tea for me since Clint was gone and a bunch of ladies from our church came, it was alot of fun. I love this place because you can sit and have your tea while your kids feed the ducks.

Noah ate tons and tons of cake. Mommy's birthday was the best, cause there was cake!
Amber, Frances and me
Raqel is from HBC but now goes to Master's College. It was fun to hear her talk about my old "home" and now her's too.
Cornerstone girls!

When Noah heard it was my birthday he said "but Christmas tree is DOWN momma!" Then he realized when I started opening presents and we were eating cake that it really was my birthday.
Sue with her twins Nathan and Luke. Autumn and the twins are just 4 months apart.
Some of Noah's friends got to come too. Here's Gemma

And Luka. Noah plays SO nicely with Luka

Ohleng and Louisa
Paula with her baby "Marco." Recently Noah said "please make a baby Marco!" So funny. He loves Marco.

Group shot minus Kerry who is taking the photo!

My friend Nina had her baby girl Stellah who we got to go see in the hospital. I told Noah that Nina was in the hospital because its sore to have a baby. He said "oh mommy, give Nina medicine, doctor make it better." He liked seeing baby Stellah alot.

Noah "picasso" Archer. He drew his real first drawing this week. Mostly they always look like scribbles, but this time he said "look mommy, Noah draw car" and it totally looked like one! Hurray!

I also went to spend the day down the south coast with Mindie at a caravan park where they had rock pools and waterslides and awesome stuff for kids, but I didn't take any photos cause we were having so much fun!

We went to the petting zoo with my friend Sally and her little boy Caleb. The horse ate the ENTIRE bag of feed, including the bag! This made Noah quite sad!
Noah playing with Caleb on the jungle gym
Autumn on the tire swing, she loved this!
So its been a busy week. Both of my kiddos are sleeping better than they ever have cause they are so tired. But I can't wait for my hubby to come home!

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