Tuesday, January 05, 2010

12 BIG sleeps

So Clint left for LA last night and will be gone 12 days in LA to do his doctoral classes. This is pretty hard for me since its the first time we'll be apart with kids AND he's going to my home. (I actually don't know what to call home now, SA and LA are both home).

When Clint was packing Noah got his quilt and pillow off his bed and climbed in Clint's suitcase and said "noah's going nigh nigh in suitcase, goodnight!" And then he'd open the suitcase and pronounce..."noah wake up, yay!"
Noah totally knows that daddy is on a plane and didn't ask for him once today. He just said "Daddy's on a plane, 12 BIG sleeps daddy come home." Amazing how much kids take in. Anyways, in honor of Clint being gone 12 days I'm going to post 1 photo of the day per day he's gone. Today its Autumn's little girly curls. I just love them!


Mrs. Dan said...

Praying for you. My hubby is also gone for two weeks, to my home state too.

Amanda said...

It's been so good to see Clint, but we are sad you aren't here too! :( But I don't want to make you more sad...so I'll be quiet. Your kids are just so cute! I think they just get cuter.
Love you Kim!