Monday, December 14, 2009

Drakensburg pt 1

South Africa is REALLY beautiful. I often drive around and just thank the Lord that he placed me in such a pretty part of the world. This week we drove to the Drakensburg mountains about 3 hours away from us. We were celebrating 4 years of being in SA (I can't believe its been 4 years!) with a little holiday away. How gorgeous are these mountains?
Clint planned everything apart from my knowledge, and booked a place in the Drakensburg mountains that accommodated kids SO amazingly. They even had a little petting zoo right there on the hotel grounds. Here is our friendly goat saying hi!

The friendly goat got extra friendly and jumped up to say hi to Clint and Auty, but then turned out to be super unfriendly and gave Noah a little "head butt" yikes!
Autumn liked looking at the bunnies and birds
I tried to catch a bunny for Noah to hold, but man those things are fast, so then we just played "chase the bunny"

Walking back to our room Noah LOVED seeing a real manger since we sing Away in a Manger almost every night.
The hotel had thatch roofs, which were so beautiful against the mountains.

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Mommy Roth said...

That was so fun to look at. Way to go Clint! You do live in a beautiful part of His creation!