Saturday, December 19, 2009

Catching up...

So just finishing off pictures from our trip to the Berg. Our kiddos got free horsie rides. Noah was "scared" at first, but by the second time around the field he was loving it.
And smiling the whole way back
Autumn's first time on a horse, she LOVED this, lots of smiles
She looks like she'll be a natural someday, I wonder if she'll love horsies
A pretty cool African grasshopper
Autumn's first swim, she liked it so much she wouldn't even look at me, she kept looking down at what she was doing
Noah loved hanging out at the pool with daddy, he's very enamored with his dad.
Showing off the "big muscles mommy"
Life sized chess, Autumn liked to ride the horsie that Clint got of mine
Noah was a pawn
Autumn tried to replace the horse Clint stole from me
I checkmated Clint, but after several.... "hey if you do that I'm going to steal your queen"
Me and my little girl
Family shot
We said goodbye to the mountains and headed home for a 3 hour drive, the kids did great!

We passed alot of houses like this on the way home
And this was pretty much the view the whole way home, so pretty.

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