Saturday, December 26, 2009


It was Autumn's first Christmas, and I loved seeing Noah and our baby open presents together.
Noah for the first time understood what Christmas meant. He actually thought Jesus was coming on Christmas. The whole day he kept asking where Jesus was. After he opened his presents he said "Baby Jesus coming after nap mommy?" He was SO expecting Jesus to come. He also said "Jesus come in a car mommy."
Autumn had no idea what it was all about, but she smiled and cooed at her baby doll
Noah's favorite gift was a $1 kiddy spade I got at a cheap Chinatown kinda store. He loves to help Clint pick up Spurgeon's icky stuff on the grass (I have no idea why) so I got him his own spade. We had to stop opening presents so that Noah could pick up all Spurgeon's mess outside. (Training them young!)
Autumn loved her glowing ball
We invited Charl & Nina and Liz and Lyle over for Christmas dinner. Autumn and Emma were playing with all the toys
Autumn and Emma were born 20 minutes apart! Its so fun to see them interact and how similar they are
I love these little nametag holders for our Christmas dinner, you just print them off!
Cheesy Christmas cracker crowns :)
And all of us by the tree, we chatted till about midnight, it was a fun night!

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