Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

I dressed Autumn up cause we went to our neighbors house to give them a little gift from the kids, her first Christmas will be tomorrow!
We hung up our last ornament on the Jesse Tree (a tree that has the story of Jesus from the Old Testament to the New, we hung a new ornament on the tree every night of Advent and did a little Bible Study with Noah each night. Christmas Eve was Mary and Joseph on their long journey to Bethlehem).
Sweet girl
And I was SO excited cause it was cold enough for Noah to wear his Christmas PJ's. Its summer here techniqually, but Christmas eve there was a HUGE cold thunderstorm (with lots of lightning) and it was cold enough for him to wear! (Sent from my dad in the States :)
Lightning McQueen skidding in the snow :)

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Emily Ban said...

How cool is that Jesse Tree!!Great idea! I was trying to find ways to teach Sam about the real meaning of Christmas and I wish I would have done something like that! Oh well, definitely next year!