Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Room Swap

So since Noah is no longer wearing diapers, I realized how impractical it was that the changing table and rocking chair were in his room, when I actually now needed them in Autumn's room. So I took down the double bed in Autumn's room to make space, and did a big room swap of furniture, and a spring clean of outgrown baby clothes, and lent them to people in our church having babies (a temporary great space saver!)

The bookshelf in that was in Autumn's room now holds all of Noah's toys, its great cause he can help me pack things away, and now before nap & bed he'll say "Clean up mommy!" and start cleaning away. He's a very tidy kid. If something isn't packed away he'll say "uh oh, oh no!"

And since there is less furniture there is more space to ride his bike and horsie, of course!

Noah and Autumn playing on Noah's bed while I spring cleaned
Autumn is starting to "grab" Noah's toys, a new lesson in sharing for sure!
Noah pulling faces in the porthole of his boat bed

And now there is lots more floor space to play on, Noah loves this
Autumn and Noah are starting to play well together now that she sits up and watch, she really loves her brother alot and laughs more at him than anything else.
Autumn's room has more space now too that the double bed is packed away till she needs it
And now I can use the rocking chair to feed her instead of it being stuck in Noah's room
When she gets a bit older I want to paint a tree on this wall above her bed, but for now its baby photos and foot imprints
Yay! A changing table for her.

I think she likes the new look of her room with more space! She's able to play on the floor now while I tidy her room.

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pandy said...

Their rooms are so cute! (and so are the kids!) :)