Sunday, September 27, 2009

7 Months Old

At 7 months Autumn loves to say "dadda" but to anything that moves..... our cat, our dog, me, Noah, and daddy. She is almost crawling, she gets up on all fours and rocks, but prefers to scooch backwards and then pivot for what she wants. She cries if she is held by anyone but Mommy or Daddy. She LOVES her brother, and will laugh almost immediately if he comes into the room.
Photos from her 7 month photo shoot in her crib

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The Mom said...

The pictures in the crib are adorable! If Abby ever decides to sit up on her own maybe I'll steal your idea :o)

Autumn is so cute, do you guys think she looks like you? I think maybe I see your face in hers, but I'm not around her enough to know for sure...