Saturday, September 19, 2009


Since my photos aren't loading, I give you my favorite Noahisms this week:

When Clint is doing pushups, in Noah's best "personal trainer" voice:
"Come on daddy, MORE pushups, FIVE more, SIX more, COME ON!"

"Kiss Mommy, Daddy!" (we oblige) "all done cozy mommy, all done"

When its windy: "Rains coming momma!"

When its raining: "God makes world all clean momma!"

When I'm reading about Jonah:
Me: What did God say to Jonah?
Noah: "Go Preach"
Me: And what did Jonah do?
Noah: "Noooooooooo preach"
Me: Uh uh Jonah disobeyed God. And Jonah got on a boat
Noah: Fish, Noah fish, Noah swallow mommy" (he opens his mouth WIDE to swallow my arm pretending to be the fish)

"Noah's all done wearing diapers. Nuh Nuh (Autumn) is a baby, babies wear diapers"

And for the first time as I was closing his door at night "luv you!" (yay, I'd been waiting for this one!)


Mommy Roth said...

So sweet, I love it when they say love you! I look forward to Jack saying it to!

Elizabeth said...

Oh Kim, I can't wait to see him again! It's hard to fathom that he is talking so well. Make sure you show him pictures of us so he knows who we are when we visit!!

Heidi Shafer said...

Adorable! Love the Noahisms and to see how their little minds process our big world! I had to laugh because when I tell Emma the Noah story and how Noah obeyed God, Emma says, Noah no Spank Spank Noah obey God!