Thursday, September 03, 2009

Potty training part 2

Ok since there have been requests for details of how I potty trained, I will blog about it. So viewer discretion is advised if you get grossed out about this kinda thing, or if you don't have kids, you probably won't care to read the rest! :)

A few weeks before the big "Day" of starting potty training I read a book about Potty training every day to Noah which had pictures of babies in diapers and big boys using pottys. I'd also show him the process whenever I used the loo (flush, wash hands etc.)

Then I picked a day when Clint would be around to help, and I gave Noah a few wrapped presents (new underwear with Cars on them, and some blow noise toys to celebrate with) and told him that today was a big day cause we were going to use the potty. I decorated a little potty with Winnie the Pooh stickers and then set a timer for 15 minutes. When the bell rang I'd tell him to run to the loo. He got the hang of this quite quickly, and every 15 minutes the bell rang and we'd run. Yup, every 15 minutes the whole day. When he did finally go on the potty I'd give him a gummy bear, he got to put a sticker on the reward chart, and we'd blow the party horns together, and we'd celebrate and make a super big deal of of it all. Oh, and I'd ask all the time, "are you clean and dry? Do you need to use the potty?" The first day he only made 3 accidents. I kept diapers on at night and during his nap.

Day #2 of training I made it every 20 minutes with the bell, and he only made 1 accident. If he needed to go he'd tell me by telling me to make the bell ring sooner "Briiinng, brinnng!" he'd say.

After a week he was telling me when he needed to go, and slept through his nap dry, and after 2 weeks he didn't need a diaper at all! He'll wake up every morning saying "Noah's clean and dry mommy!"

So, it was quite a busy 2 weeks, but went quite successful, yay! Hope this was helpful!


Emily Ban said...

Sounds like a good plan! Very helpful, indeed. My husband has been suggesting we potty train Samuel for about a year now but I thought it would be pointless to put forth all the effort before Sam is actually ready. Plus, I hadn't a clue abot how to do it. But, I'm feelng more confident about it now that there is an actual plan I can use and I feel Sam is ready! Thanks Kim! Um, and, uh, do you have Noah stand up to pee or does he sit down for now? :)

Van Straaten Family said...

Woohooo!!!!!! Good job Noah and GOOD JOB Mommy!!! I'm so thankfully that he did so well...,