Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Starting from the end....

Wow, my photos from our trip to Los Angeles are taking 58 minutes to download from my camera, so I'm going to start from the end of our journey, the long flight home. Despite it being quite a sanctifying experience, all and all the journey wasn't as hard as I thought!

Here we are at LAX airport having our last cup of Starbucks before the long flight. While in LA my parents gave us a Starbucks gift card, so we got Starbucks quite a lot, and Noah learned pretty quickly how yummy it is. He now says "Star--bucks coffee, yum yum!" and asks for his own little cup.

Autumn taking a chance with Noah's coffee, to which he pronounced, "Autumn no, Noah's coffee!" We are working on sharing.
Noah got very excited every time he saw a plane, and seemed to understand that we were going home to "Spurgeon, Tobi, and the black car" (our pets, and our car, funny boy)

I love the Paris airport, the architecture is really cool.

Noah and Autumn sleeping on the airport floor in Paris during our 5 hour lay-over, poor things.

There were many things I was so grateful for on the two long flights (10 hours each). Autumn had a little bassinet both flights, and on our last flight Noah had 2 seats so he could sleep most of the way. I think its amazing how the Lord makes transportation rock your kids to sleep, its such a gift. And the food on Air France is quite yummy! So the Lord took good care of our little family on such a long journey.
I'll try and blog more about our time in LA a bit later, we were so grateful that had the opportunity to go. The jet lag is always worse coming back, and after just getting Autumn sleeping through on LA time, she's now waking up 4 times a night SA time, but Noah is finally sleeping through after 3 nights of jet lag. Needless to say, I'm going to go get some sleep!

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