Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Move over Jamie Oliver

Noah often says "Mommy cook!" like its a command. It always makes me laugh, so today I told Noah he could help me cook and he got all excited.

We made banana oat bars and he poured in all the ingredients and mixed them in pretty well himself...

But he took quite a few breaks to eat the raisins, and say....."mmmm eat?"
Tasting the dough. Maybe he'll be an amazing chef someday!

Autumn took it all in while I put the groceries away....
Speaking of Jamie Oliver I made butternut soup from his recipe tonight....and was wondering how come they don't make a serrated spoon to scrape out butternuts and pumpkins? It would definitely make carving pumpkins and making butternut soup a whole lot quicker :) The soup turned out great, of course .... I love Jamie Oliver. Yum.

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Buckland said...

I actually have two serrated spoons. They are for eating grapfruit. So they are only the size of teaspoons but a bit longer and pointier on the front. So keep an eye out - you might find one. And they work really well with pumpkins too. :-)
By the way. Why can't I find you on fb. I have seen photos and others who have contact with you but don't seem to be able to "request friendship". Thanks for all the blog updates though.