Saturday, June 20, 2009

4 Months Old!

At 4 months Autumn's favorite toy is her butterfly. She kisses it, talks to it, and rattles it it the whole day
She also loves sitting with daddy at the computer while he checks his email. I get the BEST smiles from her when she sits with him :)
and the 4 month old photo shoot....
She loves her hands now, its hard to get a photo without them in her mouth!
Her "big" smile is mouth all the way open, so cute

Love this smile, its like we are sharing a secret

And I can't believe how big she's getting next to her little bunny!

1 week:

4 months :)


Buckland said...

WOW, 4 months already. And she is getting so big. Those bunny photos are great at showing how much she has grown. :-)

amber said...

That bunny pic side by side is awesome! She's getting so big! Such a cutie!

Andrew and Victoria said...

Wow!!! The bunny shrunk!!!