Friday, June 26, 2009

Food for thought

I wanted to wait till we got back from the states to start Autumn on solids, but today at lunch the packet of chips grabbed her eye.
And she took a tasty bite of the packet. She also grabbed Clint's plate and almost pushed it off the table, strong girl!
And why are there oranges in my microwave?

Noah in his pj's this morning played a game where he'd put all the oranges in the microwave, close the door and pronounce...."hmmm, wer'd da oranges goooo?" and then open the door and say "dere day are!" and take them all out again, and start all over.
And later he helped wash the dishes while I made scones and cleaned the kitchen for bible study.


Anonymous said...

Noah can come to my kitchen and clean anytime...hmm..maybe when he comes here to the states in a few days?? :-) Such a wonderful little helper! I love him to bits! And Autumn is growing up so fast! My hugs are waiting for her too! The clip in her hair makes her look like a grown up little girl! Love, mom (gramma)

Melissa said...

wow i'm impressed that noah helps with the dishes. i'll have to try that with cael!