Thursday, November 08, 2007

Random stuff...

Last friday we had the annual Reformation party at our house for Cornerstone. This is my 6th one...and I am still reminded every year how awesome it is that we are saved by grace through faith...and it is Christ alone who redeems us, not our own works! We also had fun carving those pumpkins. For most it was the first time trying pumpkin pie...and apple cider, my favorite!

The pumpkin carving contest (the one on the left was the winner!)

And we still haven't sold our puppies yet! But one of the Sunday school classes last Sunday came to play with them. Hopefully this Saturday we will be successful at the local pet store :)

And today Noah had his 6 month checkup. Noah had a wrist wrattle on and the pediatrician said "Soon that will be replaced with an ipod on his wrist!" The Dr. said he's perfectly on the dot average for weight and height. I love our pediatrician. He made Noah laugh through the whole exam, gave him a HUGE hug afterwards, and declared him perfectly healthy!

Today he was given a high chair from IKEA of all places (sad to say we don't have IKEA here in SA!) A lady in our church lived in England and passed down hers to us. It's a really cool one. Noah played his whole playtime in it today, banging blocks on it and throwing toys on the floor!

He was enjoying looking out the window and exploring his toys one by one. He looked like such a little boy in a big chair!

His eyes were filled with such wonder at the world outside he was really taking it all in.


Melissa said...

he's so stinking cute! i love that last picture with him looking at the cat. you are so good at taking pictures too!! i wish i could take one of your puppies off of you; i loove puppies!

lisa said...

What? They don't have pumpkin pie and cider in SA? That makes me feel sad. Thank you for bringing that culinary delight to those poor people! : )

Wish I could take one of those puppies home - Fritz needs a little sister : )