Saturday, November 17, 2007

African American

My little boy is now offically American! We got his baby passport and American birth certificate yesterday from the American now he can travel with us to the States! Our little guy needs two passports (crazy huh?) One to enter America, and a South African one to enter SA. So my little guy is officially African American. At Cornerstone we were talking about how they won't let pregnant women fly when they are 8-9 months pregnant so they don't have the baby on the plane. We concluded that it was obviously because they wouldn't know what citizenship to give the baby :) tee hee. Like could you imagine if I flew over and gave birth to Noah and they declared him Congonize? (I have no idea what they call people from Congo!)

So Noah is definatley developing "favorite" toys. We can tell the pecking order by which one ends up on the floor first when he's in his high chair. His current favorite being his bath toy, and orange fishy, always first on the floor! He hasn't learned "object permanence" yet, so when its gone, its gone. He doesn't look for it, just moves on to the next toy. :) When he drops it we always yell "uh-oh" and he looks at us like we are crazy!

And another favorite is the kitten page on his new book. His face gets all excited when he sees the kittys, probably because he likes to reach out and pet Tobi our cat.

But the REAL reason for liking a good if the pages can fit in his mouth!

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HaysHitzeroth said...

congrats, Noah!