Tuesday, November 13, 2007

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

On Sunday night I was feeding cereal to Noah in the cry room at church when I saw a little white thing emerging from his mouth. My eyes went wide with wonder...a tooth? The sharp substance popping out from his mouth confirmed it....yup, his first tooth! I felt this tender affection for him because I realized he was probably in pain, and I couldn't really help much! The most frequent comment I get about Noah is "I've never heard him cry...just wait till he starts teething!" So I've been waiting...but the tears aren't coming....he's a brave little guy! And today I found the second one emerging...still no tears!

So I gave him a cold teething ring for the first time (perfect hot Summer day for it!) It's amazing how God created their development so suited for their needs. Noah has been learning over the last couple of months to pick up an object off the ground with both hands all by himself, and he has definitely mastered this art...and now he's able to pick up anything to sooth his little teeth!

I tried getting photos of them, but they are too tiny even for my big camera!

Checking out the ring (I love his cheeks!)

Observing it with concentration...yikes, it's cold!

And like anything else, straight in the mouth! So now more than ever, he's chewing on everything!

My favorite thing to watch now is when I take out his pacifier and put it on a table in front of him, cause he gets so excited to see it, and pick it up, and often he puts it in his mouth the wrong way, and looks at it with wonder....like....this isn't right!! And then he finds the right way. It's like a puzzle :)

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Melissa said...

those are the cutest pictures! cael has that same teething ring too! that is great that he has 2 whole teeth!