Tuesday, November 07, 2006


So yesterday the doorbell rang at 10:30am. We NEVER answer the doors, phones, cell phones, emails etc. on a Monday cause its Clint and my day off, and our house is the church office. But THIS time it was Kerry Drew, with two HUGE bags FULL of BAGELS & cream cheese!!!! Yippeee!! I couldn't believe my eyes cause I had been to like every major bakery and grocery store this week cause I've been craving bagels. She found them at some bakery in downtown Durban! Ahh, what a good friend!
After chowing on bagels, Clint and I spent the whole day yesterday looking at houses! Now our church is in a really up-market area (no houses under a million rand) so we've been looking, but everything has been absolutely unaffordable. Currently we live in a house that's on the church's property. Its like a 5 bedroom house sitting on a huge piece of land, and if we were to move out, whatever they rent it out for, we would get to spend per month on a house of our own. (And 5 bedroom houses in Hillcrest get rented out for a ton!)
We saw an add in the home guide for a brand new house that was a private sale (no estate agent fees!!) that looked pretty affordable about a 10 minute drive away, and went and looked at it. And we fell in love. A bright, airy, 3 bedroom (us, "baby lemon", and a study) home and it was brand new! AND it has a view of the ocean! (It's a tiny view, but you can still see it from the living room!) Problem was...after several phone calls, we realized there were tons of "transfer duty" fees that pushed it way out of our price range. Nuts. SO we went down to look at it again, thinking maybe we could offer her a lower price, and see if she would take it. But....we ran straight into the developer, who said he was building 6 more houses just like it, AND if he built us one from scratch he would be able to customize it for us to put it in our price range AND we would have the benefit of being able to pick out all the fun goodies like the color of the tiles, and the paint etc. etc.! If you buy a house straight from the developer, there are no extra fees. And he said he had 3 plots left, and one of them was a smaller peice of property that would push the price down as well. I couldn't believe the Lord's timing in running straight into the developer!

(Developer and our friend Duncan standing in the kitchen. It's not quite finished yet)
Front door, part of living room

house from the street

So who knows? We might be building a house?!? Yikes!


HaysHitzeroth said...

That sounds awesome! We'll be praying for you!

John & Daisy said...

That would be so incredible if you had a house built for you with your personal choices and everything! I'll be praying. I know, I am still not feeling much better with the whole morning sickness thing and I am in my 16th week. I loved your musings - very accurate. Love you.