Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Beach Ball for Christmas Anyone?

In the Christmas isles in the stores, right next to the stockings and snowflake twinkle lights and snowmen are now hanging....... beach towels, flip flops, suntan lotion, and beach balls! You know how we would give one another a scarf and a hat and mittens for Christmas? Here you get a beach towel and flip flops! Its really surreal. Summer is here! And so is the holiday season! Its been almost a year that we've been in South Africa now, I can't believe it. The Lord has done so much in our own lives, and in the ministry here, it feels like its actually been longer!

The Sunday School children are putting on a Christmas play, and they are handing out ornaments with "gifts that God has given" on them to everyone in the congregation. So I've been making 150 ornaments all week (cutting, ribbon, the works!) And I'm finally done, phew! Its been great being involved in the Christmas play, watching the kids memorize their lines....the story really presents the gospel well, and as each child says his verse or her line, I am reminded again of the gift of God's son, and how the world longed for Him to come. "O come O come Immanuel."

It's "baby Avocado" this week...and I'm kinda starting to show (only a little!) I'm four months already, but the "afternoon" sickness has finally left, yipee! We find out on Dec 5th if its a boy or a girl. :)

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