Thursday, June 29, 2006


So once again we did the 51/2 hour drive to Joburg, and got to see the STM team off at the airport and had a meal with them before their flight back to LA. It was soooo great to see Sara B. and Austin & Holly Swanson & Julie Peters. We were totally the loud Americans in the airport, especially when Clint mocked Sara about her wearing an American flag T-shirt in a foriegn country~ she said she now felt her trip to South Africa was complete cause Clint repremanded her about something (LOL!)

This is a photo from the drive, doesn't it look like the brown rolling hills in California? It was awesome to drive it in the daytime! It is ssoooooooo cold in Joburg compared to Durban, and everything has turned this browny color now that its winter.

When we were in Pretoria visiting Clint's parents I got to work at Clint's mom's shop: Baby Buzniz for a couple of hours. She does up nursery's and sells like anything your baby needs!

This was a humbling experience after realizing that EVERYONE in Pretoria speaks Afrikaans when they walk into any shop. I tried to fake it with all the Afrikaans Marietjie taught me. But I don't think anyone was fooled after someone asked me in Africaans "How are you?" And I said back in Afrikaans: How are you? (I was pretty impressed that I knew how to answer back) but she said (I guess) fine and you? (At this point I just stared with one of those blank...hmms. And called Clint for HELP!!!) I was humbled!!

After visiting Clint's folks Clint and I went on Tim Cantrell's youth camp where Clint was the guest speaker! There were about 40 young adults there, and we had a great time. Clint spoke on having a passion for: the church, the lost, forgiveness, and the word. (4 sermons) And then he had the priveledge of speaking at one of the largest baptist churches in SA (Tim Cantrell's church) what an honor!! :)

2 weeks till the Durban team arrives!!

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ryan secor said...

um kim... i'm not sure if they told you but, it's like a week before we arrive... nevertheless we're all stoked about it!!