Monday, June 12, 2006

Austin T. Duncan

Our first vistor to us from the States! Austin preached such an awesome sermon on Sunday, that we took him to see the crocs on Monday (I LOVE Mondays, our day off!!)

Having lunch with the "crocs" fear factor style: (yup, thats a croc right behind us!)
We had lunch in a croc pit, here is our mayo, and mustard, and yep, the crocs!!

Eating Crocodile, with the Crocodiles, they hissed at us once, and one had his eye on us the whole meal. (yikes!)

The Mighty Python

Before we held this guy, we saw a Black Momba, the 5th most deadly snake in the world, indigenous to South Africa. Austin made it go into a trance. The thing can stand 3 meters tall on its own!

Our church gave highest compliments to Austin when he pronounced "Umhlanga Rocks" correctly :) (ooomshhhlannga!)


Anonymous said...

Why do you want to try and kill Austin? I hope those cigars were fun.

HaysHitzeroth said...

sounds like fun! We really miss you guys. :(