Saturday, May 13, 2006

New Families in our Church

These are some of the new members who have joined our church recently. I'm now taking "church photos" for our directory, so here are some of them! :) These are taken at church after the service.

Ryan and Jessica Slater (Matthew, and little Taylor)

Piet and Klaaje, Piet (Pete) plays the bass guitar, and he's hillarious! He makes me laugh every Sunday, he's got grandfather humor.

Glen and Tracy, and little Jason

Tracey and Anthony Done, and Sara and Matthew. Clint made Sara cry onstage last week during the childrens catechism questions, so everyone mocks him now.

Random shots:

Clint chatting to Kim & Veon

2 guys from our Cornerstone study: Arthur (left) and Brian (right)

I'm gonna try taking photos of Clint preaching this stay tuned!

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