Tuesday, May 02, 2006


So after a crazy crazy week of Clint only seeing the 4 walls of his office.... we went away for a day to the beach Amamzimtoti. To bad one of the most hectic storms came in that day, but it was still beautiful!

Some prayer requests this week!

1. Pray for Clint as he has soooo many appointments with people this week, and still has 3 sermons to prepare!
2. Pray for our bible study Cornerstone. Half the students coming are Christians, and half are not. The unbelievers are starting to bring their unbelieving friends (i have no idea why, besides the grace of God!) So pray for them and their salvation. Pray also for us, and the "saved" croud as we share with them this Friday night. The Lord is really doing amazing things in these students lives.
3. Pray for one of our church plants that we visited today. The pastors name is Paulos and he was telling us how the struggle with AIDS in his community is huge. The main outreach they have is giving the gospel and then serving heathly food to AIDS victims (veggie soup & squash). They also are trying to raise up elders, as their church doesn't have any at the moment. Pray for him and his wife Nellie, their testimony and their witness in the community, that it stays strong!! Pray also for Clint as he will be preaching there within the month.
4. Also just a praise! We have been praying alot for friends, and there is a crowd that after every evening service has been going out for coffee afterwards, alot of them are from our Cornerstone group, so we are starting to hang out with people! Clint challenged this guy to mini golf on Sat, and schooled him properly at it, so now he owes Clint a months worth of after evening service coffee at Mug and Bean. :) Oh! Also, pray for me (Kim) as I am starting up a ladies Bible study in the book of 1st Peter, for wisdom!!

Much love -C&K

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John & Daisy said...

Hey guys,

My sister-n-law had her baby last night. Check out our blog when you have a chance. Hope everything is going great today.