Wednesday, May 10, 2006

From the perspective of an outsider:

The hot and cold taps in S.A. are chasims apart. So this is me when I wash my face in the morning: Turn on the hot tap, start lathering. Wash face. Burn hands. Turn on cold tap. Relieve burning hands. . Rince face with cold water. Stare at hot water tap with distain. I have no idea how the locals do this. Clint says something about mixing the water in the basin, but really? Too much effort.
The keys here look like they are from Shakespeare's time. And there are keys for every room. So when you go to the bathroom, you get a key and turn it in the door. Its like you live in a castle. And your key ring has like, a million keys on it. And there are extra gates to every door. So if you loose your keys, well, you can't only not get into your house, but into your rooms too.
In SA this is a common sight. Now even on the gates around our house. :)

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Amanda said...

Yay! I'm glad you found me. Actually, one of the reason's I started a blog was so that I could start commenting on yours. I just made it, and my plan was to comment on your next post. I miss you tons too!