Tuesday, March 15, 2011


On the way back to SA we stopped off for a few days in Dubai to break up the crazy 16 hour, 8 hour flight sequence. AND to visit our friends who live there the Penny's. I was amazed at how it was just DESERT with TONS of buildings everywhere, and crazy big malls. It was so cool seeing the church there as well and how multi-cultural everything is.
Noah and Autumn made very very good friends with Donna and Hannah while we were there. They talk about them all the time and ask if they are going to live in South Africa.
It was hot even in winter (it's the desert!) so we rode little bikes to the pool every day.
And had tons of fun swimming!
Walking hand in hand to the pool
It was fun to have some "daddy time" since his studies were all done!
Noah took some swimming tips from Donna, he's getting better!
The beaches are beautiful, and the kids had lots of fun

The city is really beautiful at night!
Thanks Penny's for hosting us, we had so much fun with you!
And we saw the tallest building in the world, it makes you dizzy when you look up at it. It's the Burj Khalifa standing at 2717 feet tall. My camera had a close zoom lens so you can't get the full effect, but it was pretty stunning!

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praise the Lord for baby #3:) whoo hoo!!!