Sunday, March 06, 2011

Catching Up!

Wow I haven't caught up blogging about our time in LA! Well the best part about LA are the people, and that's what we miss the most, so I'll blog about that! And the BEST part about going this time was seeing our kids absolutely LOVE the same people we love!
Noah and Autumn LOVED going on the train with Grandma and Grandpa!
And we even went to train town (I think that's what its called?) where they got to see real trains and climb in them and everything. Noah talks about this trip all the time and says "Can we go see the REAL trains with Grandma and Grandpa again, right now?"
Autumn loved playing Mr. Potato head with my dad and would often put the parts in HIS mouth or ears, it was really funny
And Autumn loved being pushed in the swings by Grandma!
It was awesome catching up with SCV our old Bible study, and the best part was seeing ALL the new kiddos and how they all loved each other too!

Noah and Autumn made really good friends with all of our friends children. They talk about them by name all the time even now that we are home and Noah will ask "Where do they live, in America or South Africa?" and I'll have to tell him America and he gets very sad. And Autumn will just ask "Where's Kali May, or Where's Annie?" So we are thankful for the time they had together!
Autumn even formed a little relationship with "Baby Olbive" (baby Olive) in "Caities Tummy" and would hug and kiss the "baby in the tummy" It was a great transition for when we told her that WE also have a baby in the tummy, (Yes baby #3 is due Sept 30th!) We loved hanging out with the Taylor sisters too :)
Clint and Austin....I think they both morph into other crazy people when they are together, but its fun to watch :)
And me and Steph, thanks for always opening your home for us!

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