Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baby #3

Noah: "Is THIS what you will look like when your tummy gets bigger?"
It's so fun this time that the kids actually understand that we are having another baby. Autumn is the most "motherly" little girl I've ever met, she's ALWAYS taking care of her babies, or her little Minnie Mouse, putting medicine on them, feeding, bathing, changing etc. So I'm wondering what it will be like when her brother or sister enters the world, if she'll be the mommy, or if I will :)
Ever since we told Noah we are having another one, he's taken a tiny, short-lived interest in Autumn's "hospital baby" (she has one that looks just like newborn with a hospital tag).
He got all excited one day and asked me if he could learn how to change a diaper. He says he'll only touch it if its "not wearing pink"
He tried pretty hard, but needed lots of help :) He likes to pretend to be the daddy.
Autumn learned that you have to "burp the baby" as well to take care of it.
I've been having quite alot of "afternoon sickness" where I just feel super urpy and tired after lunch, so I usually rest when my kids do. Noah's been super compassionate with me and asks me all the time how I'm feeling. He's had some really good questions and always says "tell me more about the baby in your tummy." He's fascinated by little things like when the baby's born it can't hold up it's head, and that its attached in your tummy by a cord and that's how it gets fed through the belly button etc. He always asks when I'm eating if I'm chewing it enough so the baby can swallow it ok. And he still talks through my mouth to the baby.....REALLY loud. Autumn will pray every night for "mommy's baby in the tummy" and will sometimes lift my shirt and say "where's the baby?" It's been fun watching their reaction to it all!

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Heather said...

All of that was so so sweet to read :) So excited for you and I'm happy the littles seem to know what's going on. So much fun!!!