Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Row Row Row your Boat

This past week a friend of ours let us use their cabin in the Drakensburg Mountains for a few nights, it was SO fun! The first thing we did is take a boat ride on the little lake just below the are the kids expectantly waiting for the boat ride. Noah kept asking "Can we get on the boat NOW?"

My cute hubby the faithful rower
Autumn was not impressed with her life jacked that was WAY to big, and she kept saying "pees off?"
We decided to just keep a super close eye on her, and she was SO happy to have it off
The first day was rather cloudy, so you couldn't see the BIG mountains, but still pretty
My cute kiddos. Autumn started singing "row row row" when we were on the boat. Silly girl!
Noah LOVED LOVED the boat
And wanted to help daddy row it
Then Autumn wanted a turn...
After rowing the boat back to shore my kiddos decided that rolling down a grassy hill was just as fun as rowing in a boat. Here are their smiling faces after rolling down :)

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Lisa said...

I always love looking at your beautiful photos of your beautiful kiddos! They are getting so big as time flies past us. I am glad to see that y'all are doing well there in life and ministry. Hey, I was just curious, what brand/model of camera do you have? And do you require super-special skills to take such nice photos or does the camera do most of it? Silly question for a blog, but I am always awed by how lovely your photos are.