Saturday, October 23, 2010

Berg part 3

Alot of our time at the Berg was at the pool. Noah and Autumn loved sitting on the chairs under the umbrellas. They sat together and "chatted" for a while like a big boy and girl.
Me and Auty after a swim
Noah gets to take off his glasses when he swims (of course) and takes SUCH good care of them. He goes a little squint without his glasses on. I think its cute :)
Noah would walk along the stones and say "paddle paddle paddle" pretending he was in a boat on top of the water.
Autumn couldn't stop laughing in the water. Part of the reason I think is because it was FREEZING!

Noah's favorite part about swimming was his "special chair" that he sat in. He LOVED that they played "leaving on a jet plane" on the music that was playing in the background. His daddy always sings that song if he goes away but changes the words to "I'm leaving on an airplane, but I am coming back again" so that Noah knows it's not "forever". But it's the first time he heard the actual song. :) He even asks me to play it on my computer now "like at camp"
Noah and Auty's affection for one another is rather funny. Noah will suddenly feel affection, and hug Autumn and Autumn will not think its cool, or the other way around. It's rare where one will give a hug and the other one will smile. We are working on that one!
On the jungle gym
And paddling for real like a big boy on the boat with daddy

That Saturday we got home we went to a party with Noah's friends, he just loves these kids!

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