Wednesday, August 11, 2010

STM/Cornerstone Camp

We had a Short Term Missions team from Grace Community come out this year to do ministry in our church, and one of the things they did was help out at our Cornerstone/Young Adults camp. This year we got young adults from different churches all over to come to the same camp, so we had over 50 people, and a great time of fellowship. Here's a pic of the STM team with our church young adults......
Some of HBC's young adult girls with Sam from Grace
The first session

Clint and Des Venter and Andrew Zekveld taught on "Biblical Manhood and Womanhood in an Unbiblical Neighborhood" Clint's sermons were on gaining a Biblical Worldview, and what it means to be a Biblical Man/ Biblical Woman.
Charl lead us in worship. The team taught us "Lead on King Eternal" which I've only ever heard at Resolved.

It was FREEZING cold, but we still had fun fellowship outside
Taz was showing Autumn and Noah all the tadpoles and even a crab in the water
It was still beautiful even though it was super dry and cold

It was awesome getting to know the team and seeing how they loved the people in our church

We mostly sat out by the river and talked and played guitar
Autumn and daddy

One of the guys brought a fishing pole and taught Noah how to fish, which he LOVED!

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celiadedekind said...

Love your photos, Kim - it was such a special time having the team out!