Monday, August 09, 2010

Starbucks in SA!!!!!!!!!! (well, kinda)

Ok, so its not in a REAL Starbucks, but in a cafe in Westville called "Zanzibar" they've started serving Starbucks coffee......even a Carmel Macchiato! So there are no frappacinos, or white chocolate mochas, and you can't buy the beans there, but at least you can order the basics. They even have cool couches to sit on. And I present....the first cup of Starbucks in SA :)
We took our good friends Ryan and Katherine from Pretoria to check it out. They loved it!
All the carmely goodness
We all had Carmel Macchiatos....mmmmm.
Noah scooping out all that carmel
Autumn getting out every last yummy sip
Noah and Ryan getting cozy on the couch. It was a freezing cold day so the perfect day for a cup of Starbucks.
Ryan and Katherine's little cutie baby Jethro was to little to try the yumminess, but still enjoyed the experience :)


Deidre Johnson said...

That's pretty exciting. Between that and the root beer, we're on the next plane :) Can't wait to see you guys soon!

Amanda said...

Yay! So glad you could have some yummy starbucks. I was so happy to find out you all are coming down here for awhile! Michelle said we would have lots of hangouts. I'll make sure and go so Clint doesn't still think I hate him, since I missed the last one without a good excuse. Course this time it may look like I'm just coming cuz you and the kiddos will be there. ;)