Saturday, August 28, 2010

Autumn 18 Month Photo Shoot :)

I LOVE 18 month photo shoots because whenever I see pictures of adults at 18 months, you can totally see it's THEM and they still look like a "baby." So with both of my kiddos I do a big 18 month photo shoot. This one, it was hard to get smiles, but some turned out cute. Here ya go!

At 18 months Autumn is VERY adventurous. She has a great sense of humor, and makes animal sounds whenever she sees ANYTHING in the shop that has that animal. Her favorite are horses, lions, birds and fish. She can say lots and lots of words (for the grandparents...."apple, orange, sit, bath, eye, ear, nose, foot, bible, book, dog, cat, horse, fish, bee, down, up, jump, more, juice, eat, no, yes, help, brake, fix, please, shtee (yes, shtee) :) shirt, sore, ball, cracker, bicky (cookie), milk, bottle, cup, baby, blankie, shoe, bear, Nuck (for Noah), O's (for cheerio's) cheese, what's this?, what's that?, call daddy" And there's lots more that I can't think of for now. She's combining lots of words too which is fun.

She LOVES her babies and will spend the whole day taking blankets and putting them down in their bed, and she'll "shush" them to sleep. If I'm folding laundry she'll find anything pink and cover her baby with it. One day it was my pink underwear (which I later found on her baby arranged just so). She'll feed them food and bottles, and rock them in her pram (stroller). She loves playing with Spurgeon and will "jump" on him and laugh. She's my adventurous one and will climb anything and isn't scared, where Noah is more cautious about life. She likes to play soccer and when she gets it in the goal she'll say "GOAL!" (its very cute). She loves swings and she'll say "sing, sing" and I'll say "do you want to swing?" she'll say 'yeah, sing!" She's quite obedient naturally (which is great) except when you call her to come she thinks its VERY funny to run the other way (which we are teaching her isn't so funny, but her giggle gets me laughing every time). Her favorite food is corn & bananas. She loves watching birds and will say "ah, bird!" whenever she sees one. She likes to sing songs with hand motions and she'll follow the motions while smiling. She loves reading her "bible" but will just point out all the animals and "talk" about them to me. She shakes if she wants anything really bad (her whole body, its very cute). We call her hair "party hair" cause it ALWAYS throws a party. I had a tough time calming it down for the shoot :)

We love our little girl who is no longer a baby!

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