Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Such a girl

One of Autumn's first words was "baby" and now its her most used word by far. She just LOVES taking care of her baby and carries it around with her everywhere. She cries for it if she sees it across the room (we are working on the please for that one!) It's just so amazing how the Lord made girls SO girly. The first time she saw a baby at the grocery store she cried and cried and just had to hold it.

After dinner she likes to feed her baby
And kiss her baby
She'll give her babies hugs throughout the day, which are BIG squeezes with a special Autumn "I'm hugging you SUPER tight" sound.
Noah's bookshelf has books with babies in them, and if she sees them she'll point and say "book, baby" or "story, baby!"
And will happily look at the babies for a long time.

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Heather said...

SO adorable!