Monday, July 19, 2010

Autumn's new word

So if anyone knows our family very well, two most frequented words (and I know they are quite strange) are "Villain" and "Nuts!" Villain can be used as a term of affection, (strange, I know) but also you can say "you are a villain" if the person does something you don't like. Noah has picked this up and says "mommy's a villain, and daddies a villain, and Autumn's a villain." I love it. He means it in the best way.

Anyway. The second most frequented word is "Nuts!" It's our version of like "uh-oh" combined with, "aww, man!"

And Autumn heard me say it tonight and can't stop...............This video is for daddy who didn't get to hear it first hand.....

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Elizabeth said...

BRILLIANT! I love it!!!!