Sunday, May 02, 2010


Our kettle broke this week, and I was so so so excited because I always wanted one where you could see the water boil, cause its just so pretty seeing all the bubbles, the pic doesn't do it justice.
Noah on the same week kept talking about going on a picnic, but the day I planned to have one it rained. So we used my broken kettle to have a picnic in Autumn's room. All the distinguished guests were invited. Noah made a sandwich for Mr. Bear.
Autumn poured tea
She kept wanting to put the wooden lemon IN the kettle
Noah would pretend to make the tea including sugar and lemon, and make cups for each animal invited.
And Autumn figured out how to "stir" the pretend tea.

It was quite a fun picnic despite the rain!

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4HMom said...

What a fun picnic. God is richly blessing your "career" as a mom with such sweet memories.