Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Last day of being two...

On the last day of being two...

Noah popped his head into daddy's office window to say "Have a good sermon, daddy!" while we were playing outside
He pretended the WHOLE day to be a dragon. He saw a clip of Avatar in the dvd shop on a flat screen, and ever since then he's pretended to be a dragon. He'd make his arms all big and pretend to fly. I still haven't seen Avatar.
He played what we call "chase you hug you" with Spurgeon and wore his favorite whistle the whole day.
And before he went to sleep he said "mommy when I get older I want to get in the black car and go to the gym, just like daddy, and lift heavy things, so I can get big muscles, like this (flexes)"
Sleep tight, when you wake up you'll be a "big" three year old! (sigh)

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cynthia said...

Happy Birthday, Noah Knightley! :)